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Romania Real Estate: British real estate investors, striving to get rid of properties
In 2007, London-listed investment funds were, together with Austrian investors, among the most aggressive in terms of acquisitions. A ZF survey conducted three years ago showed a series of funds had reached a Romanian portfolio of almost 1bn euros. Meanwhile, the Romanian market seems to be a lost wager for most of them. The British funds have completely changed their perception, from a market with "potential" to "a difficult one, not set to pick up soon". Equest Balkan Properties has two Bucharest properties at a loss in the past two months sold to raise cash as most projects in the portfolio have coped with difficulties as regards tenants.

Romania Real Estate: Real plans to invest 100m in Bucharest expansion
The Real hypermarket chain intends to expand in the wake of 80 million-euro investments per year after 2010 and double its number of hypermarkets in Bucharest, to eight over the next few years. "The crisis has not had any impact on our strategy on the Romanian market," said French-born Michel Lamoot, general manager of Real Hypermarket Romania. However, the retailer's expansion will slow down to a rate of 1-2 new stores in 2010, after four years in which the German operator opened 24 hypermarkets in the wake of 520 million-euro investments, a record level in trade.

Romania Real Estate: Why Immoeast came up with 10m euros for a half-built mall in Galati
Austrians at Immoeast have allocated 10 million euros for the Romanian market by fully taking over the Euromall project in Galati, after buying 75% in Union Investitii, controlled by businessmen Moshe Turgeman and Tomer Barhom. What stage is the bought project in? "At present we are working on fully closing the construction in order to protect it from bad weather and on connecting it to utilities. We are also in the process of identifying financing opportunities to carry the project through to completion.

Romania Real Estate: Real estate market to remain frozen unless home prices go down
Home prices have fallen by 40-50% over the last two years, but the city continues to be full of "for sale" ads hanging by the balconies of the blocks of apartments. What are the players on the market saying in their defence? Developers claim they cannot cut prices below the minimal level agreed with banks, which in turn say that they have the best interests of their depositors at heart. At the same time the old apartment owners set their asking price "as they see it on the Internet."

Romania Real Estate: CEC cuts half a percentage point off RON loan interest
CEC Bank, the only state-owned bank among top ones, is set to cut the basic interest rate for all RON-denominated loans by half a percentage point, to 10.75% per annum for individuals and to 10.9% per annum for companies starting Thursday. For euro loans, the basic interest will be axed from 7.25% per annum to 6.9%. Depending on client profile, the bank levies a margin of between 0.55% and 4.05% above the basic rate for RON loans, with nominal interests thus being double the level of NBR's benchmark interest rate.

Romania Real Estate: Patriciu finds first tenant for Cubic Center: a company he controls
Company Mic.Ro Retail, controlled by businessman Dinu Patriciu, is the first tenant of office building Cubic Center in Pipera, where it rented three of the 12 floors of the building also held by the former owner of the Rompetrol Group, via investment fund Black Sea Global Properties (BSGP). "We rented the first three floors of Cubic Center, but I cannot give the name of the tenants. We will issue a press release over the next few days," Mark Owen, property director of Black Sea Global, which manages the real estate portfolio acquired alongside British investment fund Fabian, told ZF.

Romania Real Estate: Tender discussing acquisition of Codecs training provider
Businessman Ovidiu Tender, who controls the Tender group, with 250 million dollars in business and 10,000 employees, is in talks to take over the majority interest in Codecs, one of the leading human resources training and consultancy company on the local market, whose business stands at 4.7 million euros in 2008.

February brings new declines in energy consumption
After a slight increase in energy consumption in the first month of this year, by just over 1%, the first three weeks of February brought about a new decline in consumption of electricity, with Transelectrica data (the Romanian national grid company) indicating an around 5% decline against February 2009.

Price was the problem, not housing demand. The market will rebound
The Romanian real estate market has in recent years attracted a lot of foreign investors through the fast profits it brought, but this is not the model that will lead to long-term economic growth, believe the lawyers of Fuster Gascia-Berdoy firm, the Madrid associates of Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii law firm.

Recession eats into small banks' market shares but allows others to rise fast
Many of the banks with a less than 3% market share lost ground in recession year 2009 due to either freezing or significantly slowing down lending due to diminished funding from parent banks.

European fund-fuelled production, the key to economic rebound
European fund absorption is Romania's chance to boost production and offset the decline of consumer spending, said the guests at the open editorial meeting ZF Expert yesterday, where ZF readers are invited to talk about the most important topics of the day.

When US stock market rises, invest in Bucharest
The Bucharest Stock Exchange BET index boasts the strongest correlation to the US S&P 500 of all stock exchange indices in the region, as when S&P 500 goes up 1% in one month, the BET index rises by 1.55% on average. For an investor, this means the Bucharest market is providing the biggest yields in the region against the US stock market trend and that its direction is quite easy to predict on the basis of US trends. An investor could thus make forecasts about the US market and invest on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) to get higher yields.

Romania Real Estate: Novelties of Sun Plaza
In Sun Plaza, most retailers have already been present on the market for a good few years," said Ilan Laufer, general manager of real estate consultancy Retail Group. What are the novelties brought by the mall? Direct access to the Bucharest underground and the fact that retailers Cora, Mobexpert, Inditex, C&A, and BauMax are entering a shopping centre in southern Bucharest for the first time, covering an area with around 400,000 inhabitants.

Romania Real Estate: Stock Exchange in 2009: Profits halved by crisis
Almost one third of the surveyed 63 companies cut their losses in the fourth quarter, and 13 of them managed to return to profit. "Listed companies' figures will be ever more surprising starting the first quarter, and attention will focus on companies with cyclical activity. In terms of Stock Exchange investments, in this phase of the stock market cycle, at least theoretically, the fields recommended for investments are tourism, oil/gas and real estate (...)," says Andreea Gheorghe, head of the research department of Intercapital Invest brokerage.

Romania Real Estate: Raiffeisen looking for land in Bucharest for new headquarters
Austria's Raiffeisen group, one of the biggest players on the Romanian banking market, is seeking a plot of land in Bucharest to develop an office project where the bank's Bucharest operations are set to be brought together. "We are speaking about a long-term investment and we believe this is the right decision given the constant growth and stability of Raiffeisen Bank as an organisation, as well as the current real estate market conditions. (...) We are considering several options," Raiffeisen representatives stated.

Romania Real Estate: Consumer protection authority forces bankers to modify almost all credit contracts by September
The ANPC project extends beyond the EU legislation, and also targets a cap on the commission on early repayment for collateral-backed real estate loans, as well as for leasing contracts. Currently the value of early repayment commission ranges from 2% to 5% of the outstanding sum.

Romania Real Estate: 10 companies and consortia vying over National Theatre’s 51m-euro modernisation
With the economic crisis in full swing, the Government wants to build a national theatre to resemble the Barbican Hall in London, instead of allocating money for the rehabilitation of the water supply networks and of infrastructure. In addition, the dwindling real estate investments have made construction companies shift focus to public investments where competition is much fiercer than in the past years.

Romania Real Estate: Half a billion euros, buried in Bucharest plots of land for over three years
Spanish, Israeli or Greek investors have been buying, for more than 3 years, plots of land with a total area of over 100 hectares in Bucharest, planning to build houses, offices or malls, but the real estate crisis turned their bet into a wrong one, leaving them with their money placed in a frozen market. A ZF survey shows that only ten of the biggest plots traded during 2006-2007 period have an area of almost 80 hectares and cost almost half a billion euros, but nothing has been built on them.

Romania Real Estate: NH hotel still unable to find a buyer even after 4m-euro price cut
"There is no concrete demand on the market for the hotels put up for sale. The situation is similar to that recorded last year, when investors could not be found for properties put up for sale," said Catalin Mihalache, representative of Imobiliar Expert Grup real estate agency, which has six Bucharest hotels put up for sale on its website, including NH hotel in Piata Unirii.

Romania Real Estate: 20,000 homes available at the price of a studio in Ferentari
The sale of ANL homes (housing paid for the state and aimed at young people) to tenants, one of the biggest real estate businesses of the last few years, has been kicked off yesterday by the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, who paved the way for the acquisition of two-room apartments at prices of up to 26,950 euros. The average price of homes put up for sale is around 25,000 euros, which can presently buy two studios built 30-40 years ago in Bucharest's poorer districts such as Ferentari and Rahova.

Romania Real Estate: Top Brands on the “upside” of the crisis: We bought a dairy plant cheap
"Since 2009 we have been seeking to recover almost 2 million euros from the market. The upside is these debts are backed by real estate collateral, such as homes and warehouses, but we want to recover our money, not take over the assets. During these times, cash is more important than assets," El Ghadban says.

Guarantees for “First home” scheme diminished due to funds not being used
Analysts say that, apart from the psychological effect, the "First home" scheme helped unfreeze mortgage loans and brought about a relative stabilisation of prices on the real estate market. BCR, the largest bank in the system in terms of assets, was allocated a maximum 420 million euros for its guarantee fund last year, which remained unchanged after January's reallocation. BRD, the second-largest bank in the system, also largely preserved its level of guarantees at 250 million euros.

Finance Minister won’t do away with stock exchange tax
Public Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu says he will support the capital market development through an entrepreneur education programme and by floating the Property Fund, vaguely pledging to bring large state-owned companies on the Stock Exchange.

Postponed floatation keeps price of Property Fund shares low
The uncertainty surrounding the listing of the Property Fund on the Bucharest Stock Exchange has allowed foreign investment funds to accumulate significant stakes in one of the richest companies in the entire economy at a much lower price than the real value.

Bankers ask for mortgage interest deduction and extended lending state guarantee
As a result, ARB proposes that the state grant subsidies to real estate developers provided they sell newly built housing units at maximum preset prices: 80,000-100,000 euros for Bucharest apartments and other big cities, and 60,000 euros for smaller cities. An alternative is setting price caps per square metre: 900-1,000 euros/square metre in Bucharest and other big cities, and 700-800 euros/sqm in towns.

Paskany hasn’t got money to start building Cluj Sheraton
Businessman Arpad Paszkany, owner of CFR Cluj football team, has yet to secure financing for an over 120 million-euro real estate project in Cluj, which was supposed to include the first Sheraton hotel in Romania, and is postponing the start of construction works for the second time, almost a year and a half after the project was announced.

Number of real estate transactions down 30%, value halves
The number of real estate transactions fell significantly last year, by almost 30% against 2008, while their value halved, amid more difficult access to financing due to the tougher lending terms in the context of the crisis. According to data from the National Union of the Romanian Notaries Public (UNNPR), the number of transactions involving homes and land fell to 352,518, from 484,767 in 2008.

Popovici Nitu lawyers, over 7m-euro revenues
One of the fields generating a higher business volume amid lawyers is energy, says Nitu, one of the most highly regarded real estate lawyers.

Hergan to build third store for Auchan
The Avrig 35 group, managed by businessman Alexander Hergan, one of the most powerful and also discreet businessmen in the real estate sector, has reached a new agreement with Auchan to develop a hypermarket on Theodor Pallady Boulevard in Bucharest, in a retail park that will also include a Decathlon sporting goods store, sources on the real estate market told ZF.

Tender wants to build Comarnic-Brasov bridges
In 2008, the company, which has 1,200 employees, posted 91 million RON in turnover. Ovidiu Tender controls the Tender group, with 250 million dollars in annual business, in energy, constructions and real estate.

Bankers are quick to cut deposit interest rates after the NBR's signal

Greek-held Alpha Bank and Banca Romaneasca (local subsidiary of the National Bank of Greece) were the first two banks to react to the signal sent on Tuesday by the NBR (National Bank of Romania) when it cut its key interest rate to 7% a year, by lowering interest rates on deposits, as well as on

Popovici Nitu lawyers, over 7m-euro revenues

Popovici Nitu & Asociatii law firm, a major player on the market, in 2009 posted revenues worth above seven million euros, up 5% year-on-year, amid team expansion and a higher activity volume.

NBR puts more pressure on banks to make loans cheaper

The persistent decline of non-governmental lending and RON’s appreciation trend against the euro have convinced the NBR to cut the key rate by another 0.5% to 7% per annum, as most analysts had already anticipated.

Investors' Stock Exchange wealth rose by 4bn RON last year

The overall value of portfolios held by Stock Exchange investors rose 52% to 11.5 billion RON (2.74 billion euros) last year, with indexes of the Bucharest Stock Exchange recording the highest increases of the last five years.

Siemens reorganises operations of 4 production facilities and hires people in Timisoara

Cristian Secosan, general manager of Siemens Romania, a company that covers markets such as energy, health and transportation, believes its business generated on the Romanian market will be 17% lower in 2009 compared with 2008, down from initial expectations.

Roche makes more than 100m euros from three drugs

Neorecormon (renal insufficiency), Pagasys (hepatitis) and Avastin (cancer), the best-selling drugs in Romania, belonging to Switzerland's Roche company, last year cumulated sales of around 108m euros, that is around 5.2% of the pharmaceutical market, according to the data provided by IMS Health

January consumer spending still in negative territory

Sales on the main consumer goods markets, food, drinks, electrical home appliances, furniture, apparel and cars, where 20 billion euros are generated annually, continued to go down in the first month of this year against January 2009, so that no signs of a consumption rebound emerged in January.

Bankers kiss loans worth over 5bn euros goodbye

Companies' plummeting sales, the overall financial crunch inclusively generated by the shortage of loans and the population's diving incomes were reflected in the skyrocketing overdue sums in the account of outstanding loans banks registered in 2009.

Insurers get 420m euros from shareholders in a crisis year

Insurance companies on the Romanian market received from their shareholders almost 420 million euros in the first year of crisis, i.e. in the September 2008 - September 2009 period, according to data from the Romanian Trade Registry (ONRC). Insurers' shareholders therefore pumped much more money into the system than banks' shareholders, who made capital increases worth 325 million euros in all. Around 65% of capital injections in the insurance sector, i.e. 271 million euros, came from shareholders in France.

Enache willing to sell more hotels through sale&lease back contracts Businessman Radu Enache, owner of the Continental hotel group, with 27 million euros in turnover last year, is considering selling new hotels through sale & lease back contracts, after in the last two years he signed four such contracts, worth around 35 million euros. "Sale & lease back contracts are a source of financing I will probably resort to again. We have other projects in our financing plan, as well, but I will make a decision in the next five or six months, after things calm down on the market," said Radu Enache.

Construction companies on the Stock Exchange are holding out despite 50% declines

Listed companies operating in the field of constructions, such as Comnord Bucuresti (COSC), Concefa Sibiu (COFI) or Cominco Bucuresti (COBS) registered turnover slumps of between 40 and 50%, but managed to stay in the black in the first nine months of this year. "The constructions field is characterised by a higher inflexibility in terms of its response to the overall economy as constructions are characterised by a higher duration of production flows. After the onset of the crisis, the sector took a while to feel it, compared with the manufacturing industry, for instance," says Andrei Radulescu, an analyst with Target Capital brokerage.

Bankers: We are hanging on to our real estate assets

Several representatives of banks such as UniCredit Tiriac, Raiffeisen and BCR said on Friday at a seminar on the real estate market that they would not put up for sale real estate properties at low prices because they do not have liquidity problems, and do not need to sell.

Air France takes cue from low-cost operators and cuts fares

Next year we will come with 20% lower prices on average, both for the business class and for the economy class," specified Varwijk, adding that the new price policy would apply to all European routes, including those operated in Romania. The business model of low-cost carriers, which generates traffic rises even in a year of crisis, has been increasingly used by large traditional airlines. Amid a decline in the number of passengers carried, companies such as British Airways, Air France-KLM, as well as Romanian national carrier Tarom found themselves having to draw from the price policy of low-cost operators.

Advice to companies in western Romania: Steer clear of the state

Companies should first consolidate their relationship with existing suppliers, which can provide the cheapest loans, by putting off overdue payments, considering that one has less room to manoeuvre where banks are concerned, and that the state's penalising interest rates are very high, is one of the conclusions of the seminar titled "Winning solutions in time of crisis," organised by Ziarul Financiar and Enterprise Investors in Timisoara. After a three-year period (2006-2008), which saw turnovers rise by as much as 700% in some cases, counties in western Romania in turn feel the difficulties of the financial crisis, prompting them to resort to redundancies and to restructuring in order to save their businesses.

Ovidiu Tender to form holding company in construction sector

Businessman Ovidiu Tender, who controls the Tender group, with 250 million dollars in annual turnover, concluded two transactions on the road infrastructure market in the last two months, after taking over 51% in Eurostrade and Eurobeton in Giurgiu county. The next step for Tender will be to form a holding company in the construction sector similar to the Tender Energy Group, through which it will participate in tenders for infrastructure works. "This is our main goal, especially since we have the very successful experience of the Tender Energy Group, where we integrated companies with complementary activities into one holding company and thus reduced profitability of financially precarious companies.

Cheap flights to Romania

Irish budget flight operator Aer Lingus started regular flights operations between Romania and UK and Ireland October 25th 2009. At the moment there are daily flights connecting Otopeni International Airport to London Gatwick.

Cheap flights to Romania

From summer 2010 Air Berlin, the low cost flight operator will operate regular scheduled flights between Germany to Romania on the Black Sea coast. The cost of one return ticket between Munchen to Constanta will be 109 EUR with all taxes included.

EC requests Romania separation of telecoms regulation and property rights management

The European Commission on Thursday initiated legal proceedings against Romania for breach of the EU regulations requiring the separation of the telecommunication regulatory authorities and telecom service providers. The EU executive body on Thursday sent Romania a letter of formal notice, the first stage of an infringement proceeding. This is the second infringement proceeding initiated by the Commission against Romania in connection with the independence of the telecom arbitrator. The first such procedure, which is still pending, was initiated in January 2009 over the dismissal of the president of the regulatory authority.

Small construction materials distributors seek help from networks

Two of the largest construction materials distributors on the Romanian market, Ambient Sibiu and Dedeman Bacau, with turnover of over 200 million euros each, have lately received requests for partnerships from smaller distributors, which are no longer able to cope on a market that has seen an over

Copos wants to sell Europa hotel in Eforie Nord, but cannot find a buyer

Businessman George Copos, who owns seven hotels in Romania, is willing to sell four-star hotel Europa in Eforie Nord Black Sea Coast resort, which posted revenues worth 420,000 euros in the first half of the year, down 10% against the same time last year. Market sources that preferred to remain anonymous, say George Copos has been seeking a buyer for the seaside hotel since the beginning of the year. Asked by ZF if he was planning to sell the Eforie Nord hotel, the businessman said "the answer is no".

Romania 3 – Faeroe Islands 1, a victory without glory

Romania’s national football team has defeated the Faeroe Islands on Wednesday evening within Piatra Neamt’s ‘Ceahlaul’ stadium, score 3-1 (1-0 at half time). This was the last Group 7 game of the World Cup 2010 qualifiers. Romania’s goals were scored by Iulian Apostol (16th minute), Gigel Bucur (65th minute) and Ionut Mazilu (86th minute). Egil a Bo scored for the visitors in the 83rd minute. It was a well-deserved victory that nevertheless came after a...

Inter-country adoptions might be resumed

The Romanian Adoptions Office (ORA) has sent the Government a memorandum on resuming international adoptions only in cases where domestic adoption repeatedly fails, reads the ORA paper cited by Mediafax. The document shows that, during the four years if implementation of the Adoption Act, it has become evident that there are still a few categories of ‘children who are difficult to give for adoption’. ‘Those would be children older than six years of age, children belonging to...

President nominates Lucian Croitoru for PM, overlooks parties’ bids

Opposition slammed Traian Basescu’s move, seems keen to further support Klaus Johannis for Premier. Liberals and Social Democrats will notify the Constitutional Court (CCR) over the legality of the nomination. Croitoru has ten days to form his cabinet, which he wants ‘political’ to assure ‘continuity’. President Traian Basescu yesterday made his own nomination for premier, in the person of Lucian Croitoru (photo), counsellor of the National Bank Governor. Basescu justified his decision saying “there is no more time” for political negotiations and Romania needs a government that rapidly becomes functional. He did not hesitate in attacking once again the Social Democrats for leaving the government, saying that he will ‘never understand’ their move. PSD left the...

Small companies unhappy with not getting access to cheaper domestic gas

Small entrepreneurs say the decision to provide the chemical industry and the electricity generating one exclusively with gas from domestic production during the June-October period is not fair for their businesses, especially since as a result of the crisis, the locally produced gas is enough to ...

Insurance market at 1.26bn euros after 7 months

The insurance market amounted to 5.3 billion RON (1.26 billion euros) seven months into this year, according to the latest data from the Insurance Supervisory Commission (CSA), after July saw insurers underwrite 759.2 million RON (180 million euros) in premiums, 8% more than in the previous month. ...

Insurers holding a “European passport” post 4.7m-euro business

Romanian subsidiaries of European insurers that sell policies based on the right of establishment, posted business worth 4.7 million euros (19.5 million RON) in the first half of the year, according to the Insurance Supervisory Commission (CSA). ...

Factoring or how healthy firms can obtain cash on short term

The Romanian factoring market, which is still taking shape, has a big growth potential, especially under the current circumstances, with companies having an increasingly hard time accessing financing ...

Romanians will be able to buy gold by the kilo

Piraeus Bank, one of the players with a fast rise on the retail segment in the past few years, is selling gold to its clients starting this week, through 20 of its 180 territorial branches on the ...

BCR cuts interests on deposits again

BCR, the biggest bank on the Romanian market, has cut interests on deposits in RON by around half a percentage point, with the biggest deposit interest now amounting to 8.5% a year and only for sums ...


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