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Do you want to rent your property in Romania?
Do you want to turn the problem renting your home into an opportunity?
Do you want to maximize the rental income?
Do you want to rent your home faster?
Do you want all rental bookings to be taken care of?

The developer will arrange a full property management service for the private residences. The service can also include a full rental service. The following are included in the package:

  • Sourcing all internal furniture and equipment following discussions with the owners. It will provide the best quotes and advice for maximum rental income
  • Cleaning, washing and ventilation of the apartments and the communal areas
  • Maintenance and repairs (whenever needed)
  • Advertising and communication with all clients
  • Meeting clients and providing transport to the residence
  • Meeting guests, giving and collecting keys, providing instructions for apartments and complex facilities to all new clients
  • Assistance to all guests during rental periods
  • Payments of the utility bills (electricity, water, cable TV, local council tax)
  • Providing 24/7/365 private security at all times
  • Payments of rental income straight to the bank accounts of the owners (when instructed).
  • Others services required in keeping the apartments in best condition
  • During rental occupancy all owners will receive regular reports detailing the occupancy times, the costs and the net income. Annual statements will be is sued as well.

For all contract signed until 1st June 2006 the full management fees are set at 90 euros/ month/apartment in the first year. This is equivalent to 2 days worth of rent in the peak season. Apart from the runing bills and the local council tax there are no other costs involved in owning the apartment. All these however make up only a fraction of their values in the Western Europe.

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