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The Brasov real estate market consists of both old, listed properties with amazing history and architecture as well as modern, most contemporary developments. There is something for everybody, the taste of the Brasov property market is just incredible.

History of Brasov

Brasov is a beautiful city which will enchant your stay whenever you visit Romania. Located right in the middle of Romania it boasts a rich and long history. It is the birth place of the Romanian printed press and also was host of the birth place of the Romanian national anthem. Illustrious Romanian patriots lived here back more than 150 years ago. Here they contributed essentially to the development and affirmation of the and Romanian language. Brasov was documented in its existence already around 1100-1200 although its roots could be traced in much older times. The ancient medieval fortress of the old city dates since 1200 and was thereafter moved near the today's location bordered by the beautiful city mountain called Tampa.

After the second world war Brasov took prominence by affirming as the second most developed city in Romania. During the communist regime it became the most industrialised town in Romania after the capital. It was also then when the now famous Poiana Brasov acquired its national and international status as premier ski and mountain resort in Romania.

Today Brasov is a thriving city attracting thousands of tourists every day. It is by no doubt a magnet for people loving peace, tranquillity, history, and the beautiful surrounding mountains. It is also home to a well educated population. There are many universities as well as the famous high school Andrei Saguna, the oldest Romanian high school in Transilvania. Brasov is now preparing itself for hosting the winter sports competition in 2013, an event which is sure to attract even large crowds around its borders.

Respect its rich history and enjoy your stay in Brasov, we wish you a healthy and many happy returns.

Based on its rich history there is no doubt that Brasov is blessed with a large interest in its real estate. Both natural conditions, its educated population as well as the proximity and location on the essential route linking Bucharest the capital to the western borders it is no surprise that Brasov ranks high in the list of real estate investors interested in Romanian property.

For more details on all aspects of real estate in Brasov, including exceptional located properties with very high capital growth and large rental potential please contact us at

Brand luxury 1 bedroom apartment in Brasov near the city centre

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