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Description:rural station(around Tuzla commune), marine climatic station, situated near to the litoral of the Black Sea(10m altitude) and to the Costinesti lake(7ha), to 28km south of Constanta. Climat:hut summers(in july - temperatures who pass over 27C) and tender winters(in january 0 C);in summer are predominated sunny days and the sun shines between 10-12 h/day.

The station is functionable since 1956,when was organized the first summer camp for the students.There are little houses, vilas, hotels, camping , summer theatre,sportive base,etc.The beach has a lenght of 5km and a breadth of 100-200m.Costinesti is also used like an agrement base,and the mud is successfully used in reumatical tratament.The natural factors for the tratament are the maritime climat -very exciting, rich in saline aerosols- and maritime water of the Black Seawho contains magnezium , natrium ,chlorine.Large beaches arranged for the helioterapy and talazoterapy.In the station there is a big touristic complex for youth built on a modern conception,where works a student summer camp.Annualy,in periode mai- septembre take place to Costinesti the National Saloon for Satiric Graphic for youth;in july take place "The Festival of the Young Actors;in august"The National Festival of Jazz"and The festivity of the Sea".

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Our real estate offers in Costinesti.

Sea View Residence

Unique off-plan beach
development, investment apartments
with amazing views of the natural beach
& sea of Costinesti, Romania sea side.

Sun Garden apartments

New apartments fully equipped, ready to rent in Costinesti, the most popular Romania Black
Sea resort.

Bucharest North Garden

Exceptional real estate investment in North
Bucharest, Romanian's capital very high
returns, developer launch prices.

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